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I am loving Lo Vega and her Aerial Fitness class! Lo easily gets you to perform moves you never thought you were capable of. Working your core against gravity is fun, exhilarating and works better than any exercise I've ever tried! You leave her class inspired by your own strength!
 - Aileen M.
Aerial Fitness is the intersection where challenging and conquering meet. I love the the empowering feeling of doing something I would have never thought possible, all while getting stronger and healthier. I look forward to this class every week!
-Sherrey D.
For me my mom’s Aerial Fitness class has been very fun. I love how it has to do with fitness and that takes it to a whole new level by challenging yourself. It allows me to challenge my body in a new way.  Its super fun and it lets me strengthen my body in different ways that I have never experienced before. I love it!
 -Natalia F.
Aerial Fitness/Yoga is an empowering mind and body workout. It provides me an hour free of life stresses. Instead, I'm focused on strength building, flexibility and fun tricks. I'm hooked! It's the best mind body workout. My strength has increased, flexibility has increased, terrific for my back, and stress levels decrease when I'm in class. I'm addicted!
-Tisha M.
Aerial fitness is more than just a workout. It challenges your body and your mind to do things you never thought possible. Through my aerial fitness journey, I have developed strength, flexibility and confidence. Push yourself beyond the daily monotony of exercise and try aerial fitness. You will feel like a badass in no time!
~Tina W.
I have been going every Tuesday for the past 8 weeks or so and have loved every minute of it! Lo is great and the class itself builds so much strength. Best workout and stress reliever I've done... I recommend at least trying it, it's so much fun!
~Monica H.
Love this program, full body workout, excellent core toning, Lo is a phenomenal instructor with a warm persona and fun loving attitude which creates a nurturing atmosphere to feel free and be confident in learning something new and exciting.
~Johanna Z.
Last night was my first class of trying aerial fitness. I was excited! What an awesome workout this was. If you like Yoga, but are looking for something more challenging, this is certainly the class to try. Lorraine the instructor was amazing. She attended to me, making sure I was correct in my poses and felt OK not to push myself too hard. She was also correct - I became hooked! I have told so many people about this class and CAN'T WAIT to come back!
~Sharon A.
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