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Aerial Stretch Fusion Small Group | 45 Min Session


Stretching is a fundamental part of overall health and fitness. Incorporating a regular stretching/flexibility program into your exercise routine you will improve circulation, range of motion, posture, decrease compressed stiff joints and muscle tension while improving overall performance. Improve your flexibility with a 45 minute Aerial Stretch Fusion Training session. 


Aerial Stretch Fusion is a unique stretching and flexibility technique utilizing the support of the aerial fabric hammock to assist in increasing overall range of motion, flexibility, while decreasing tension on the muscles and joints. You nourish the body’s fascia and connective tissue with myofascial release from various stretches and poses while counteracting the forces of gravity in the hammock. Aerial Stretch Fusion can help with skeletal muscle immobility and pain while also creating space and alignment throughout the body with mild spinal traction. 


Stretching is a key component of any well-rounded exercise routine


Advanced sign up required @ VEGAAERIALFITNESS.COM


Please bring your own Yoga mat + Lots of H20.
Wear fitted athletic top and bottom. (no lose clothing)

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