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At VEGA AERIAL FITNESS + WELLNESS we teach our clients how to take their Fitness + Wellness to NEW HEIGHTS. We help educate our clients on the importance of engaging their total BODY + MIND + SOUL in every workout. We believe the cultivation of this concept allows you to reach beyond just the physical fitness component of exercise but to the establishment of a lifelong program of continued Fitness + Wellness which leads to improved optimal health + longevity.
Our unique fitness classes are different from other group classes because we teach you how to train the muscles + ligaments + joints to respond fluidly to a series of exercises designed to engage all the muscles in the body while counter acting the forces of gravity. In each class we teach you how to utilize gravity to your advantage, float weightlessly over the floor hang upside down + perform incredible aerial moves that strengthen the entire body. Participants will develop core + back + upper + lower body strength while lengthening + toning + nourishing the entire body. ​Each participate will use different apparatuses to engage all the muscles in the body to yield maximum full body results. When participating in one of our unique fitness classes you can look forward to burning between 300 to 400 calories per class. All classes are infused exercises inspired by Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Arts + Suspension Training techniques. With continued participation, you will gain increased muscle mass while also increasing your metabolic rate, ultimately burning more calories even while at rest. ​You will build physical as well as mental strength in each class. You will elevate your body + mind + soul like never before! Each one of our classes elicits positive physiological and psychological benefits while providing participants with an effective entire Mind + Body workout. Your first class will result in a stronger + longer + more empowered YOU
​VEGA AERIAL FITNESS+ WELLNESS classes are safe and offer a myriad of benefits to your total Mind + Body + Soul. No previous aerial experience necessary, all age levels and experience levels welcome.
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