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Aerial Yoga Fusion is a combination of traditional yoga poses with the use of the hammock. Suspended yoga helps to release the strain on the bones and muscles, lengthen the spine, improve the alignment, strengthen muscles and joints and increase spinal and shoulder flexibility. Some poses that may be challenging on the mat, such as shoulder stands and similar inversions, become fun and accessible with the support of the hammock, which counteracts the gravity while it decompresses the neck and the spine. Aerial Yoga Fusion also helps with balance and stability, by improving brain-body coordination and proprioception. This playful and creative practice engages the whole body and focuses the mind. Take your yoga practice to new heights!
Please book 24 to 48 hours in advance, these are smaller sized classes which fill up quickly. We ask that you kindly bring your own personal yoga mat.
A minimum of 3 student sign ups required to run a class. Text messages will be sent  out 4 to 5 hours in advanced of any class cancellation. 
(Group + semi private + private sessions are available).
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