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VEGA AERIAL FITNESS + WELLNESS evolved several years ago, when I tried my very first Aerial hammock class. I immediately fell in love with how my entire body felt. I thought finally; a fitness modality that encompassed the whole Body + Mind + Spirit while beautifully counteracting the forces of gravity. SPECTACULAR!

From that moment forward, the journey began to educate the community and my clients on the amazing benefits that an Aerial Fitness Fusion and VEGA Bungee Fusion™ workout can offer the BODY + MIND + SOUL.

My ultimate desire is to create + design the first multidisciplinary VEGA Aerial Fitness + Wellness™ Boutique Studio imaginable in Fairfield County Connecticut. A health promoting physical fitness environment that encompasses a variety of unique fitness modalities that help develop muscular strength + cardiorespiratory endurance + flexibility + muscular endurance while also enriching the BODY MIND + SPIRIT! A place where adults and children can feel strong, empowered and free to push beyond their comfort zone.

I am taking Fitness + Wellness to new heights! Join me in the journey; to feel empowered, feel stronger, feel fitter and fulfilled!


Lo Vega

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