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In this class you will use an Aerial Fabric Hammock suspended from the ceiling or a portable aerial rig to support the body for deep stretching, playfully explore fluid movements, gain balance, coordination, strength + create space throughout the entire body without compressing your spine or joints.  In this class we do not take balance for granted. You will learn how to move smarter using a fabric aerial hammock for maximum full body results. The hammock is used to increase overall equilibrium, activate multiple muscle groups throughout the entire body, ultimately burning more calories along the way. Imagine yourself being stronger, fitter, longer and leaner in record time! ​While participating in one of our fitness classes you can look forward to to burning between 300 to 400 calories per hour. Class is infused exercises inspired by Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Arts and Suspension Training techniques. 
Offering a safe, secure environment to our clients is paramount to us. Each Aerial Fabric hammock is rated and certified for supporting 2000 lbs, the hardware is safety rated rock climbing gear designed to hold dynamic human weight. All attachment points are structurally secured and are inspected regularly.
Join our newest VEGA Restorative Aerial Fusion class and experience gentle stretching, deep relaxation + release tension in the body + mind. In this class, we will use low Aerial Hammocks and meditative environment to support slow movements + longer holds of Restorative nature, Yin yoga poses, opening the body, allowing the muscles to relax, nourishing the body’s fascia + connective tissue. Hips, pelvis, inner thighs + lower spine especially benefit from this slow practice. Let the Aerial Hammock be your cloud of BLISS!


Aerial Yoga Fusion is a combination of traditional yoga poses with the use of the hammock. Suspended yoga helps to release the strain on the bones and muscles, lengthen the spine, improve the alignment, strengthen muscles and joints and increase spinal and shoulder flexibility. Some poses that may be challenging on the mat, such as shoulder stands and similar inversions, become fun and accessible with the support of the hammock, which counteracts the gravity while it decompresses the neck and the spine. Aerial Yoga Fusion also helps with balance and stability, by improving brain-body coordination and proprioception. This playful and creative practice engages the whole body and focuses the mind. Take your yoga practice to new heights!
In this class is a fun and active approach to get children moving, while increasing their overall strength + flexibility + mobility. This class will empower their mind, body + soul! Kids AFF has many benefits for children including; learning relaxation skills along with breath work to promote mindfulness and self regulation. Children will gain strength, flexibility, balance + coordination while using an aerial fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling or portable aerial rig for support. This unique class will let children put their creative energy to good use by taking flight in a safe, fun, nurturing environment. Kids AFF boosts their self confidence, necessary body awareness and exploration while subconsciously training the body + mind to embrace new experiences. They will enhance their concentration skills, refine gross and fine motor skills. Most importantly Kids AFF is super fun! This class draws from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Aerial Arts and Suspension Training techniques.

Stretching is a fundamental part of overall health and fitness. Incorporating a regular stretching/flexibility program into your exercise routine you will improve circulation, range of motion, posture, decrease compressed stiff joints and muscle tension while improving overall performance. Improve your flexibility with a 45 minute Aerial Stretch Fusion Training session. 

Aerial Stretch Fusion is a unique stretching and flexibility technique utilizing the support of the aerial fabric hammock to assist in increasing overall range of motion, flexibility, while decreasing tension on the muscles and joints. You nourish the body’s fascia and connective tissue with myofascial release from various stretches and poses while counteracting the forces of gravity in the hammock. Aerial Stretch Fusion can help with skeletal muscle immobility and pain while also creating space and alignment throughout the body with mild spinal traction. 

Stretching is a key component of any well-rounded exercise routine

VEGA Bungee Fitness™ 
Is a unique gravity defying fitness class. In this class you are secured inside your own personal hip harness, anchored to a bungee cord that is suspended from the ceiling above you. The weightlessness of the bungee setup offers low impact on the joints with a high impact total body endurance training. You will learn how to take flight by engaging in a series of jumping, squatting, planking exercises all pulled together into a choreographed high-energy fun intense total body workout. Be prepared to push your stamina + endurance + overall body strength. If you want a fun way to sweat + tone this is the class to do it in. Due to the type of apparatus used the weight limit for this class is currently 160 lbs.
Clients should be aware of their physical limitations and consult a doctor prior to signing up for any of our unique fitness classes. Please speak to the instructor before participating in class, if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting or putting pressure on your skin. Knowing and understanding your physical limitations is critical to having a positive fitness experience free from injury. Below are some conditions in which Aerial Fitness Fusion or Aerial Bungee Fitness is not recommended.
Physical restrictions and contraindications:
Recent Surgery
Heart Disease
Head cold, flu or sinusitis
Very High or Very Low Blood Pressure
Easy Onset Vertigo/motion sickness
Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness
Recent Concussion or Head Injury
Head Cold, Flu, or Sinusitis Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation
Recent Stroke
Artificial or Re-Surfaced Hips
Botox (within 24 hours of class)
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