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Aerial Fitness Fusion Kids class is a fun and active approach to get children moving, while increasing their overall strength. It will empower their minds, body and souls! Aerial Fitness Fusion has many benefits for children including; Learn relaxation skills along with breath work to promote mindfulness and self regulation skills. Children will gain strength, flexibility, balance + coordination while using an aerial fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling for support. This unique class will let children put their creative energy to good use by taking flight in a safe, fun, nurturing environment. Aerial Fitness Fusion Development social skills to neurological and developmental benefits. Boost their self confidence, necessary body awareness & exploration while subconsciously training the body + mind to embrace new experiences. Will gain enhanced concentration & refine gross and find motor skills Most importantly AERIAL FITNESS is super fun!

This class draws from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Aerial Arts and Suspension Training techniques.

Please book 24 to 48 hours in advance, these are smaller sized classes which fill up quickly. We ask that you kindly bring your own personal yoga mat.
A minimum of 3 student sign ups required to run a class. Text messages will be sent  out 4 to 5 hours in advanced of any class cancellation. 
(Group + semi private + private sessions are available).ACC Quebec?

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