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fun dance warm-up and stretch, then moves into special hoop conditioning drills. At first, it might seem like all fun and games, but maneuvering around inside the hoop quickly becomes a total-body workout. Not only will flipping around the hoop help you develop killer grip strength, but all the pulling and hoisting up of your bodyweight will call your lats (powerful back muscles that stretch between your armpits and the lower half of your spine), biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles into action. Hanging upside down by just your legs is like the ultimate hamstring curl, too — let go and you're falling to the floor. Oh, and don't forget about your abs, as curling your upper body is all core work. Still, with all of that going on, none of it feels like a workout. And that's how you know a workout is good

An Aerial Hoop is a great apparatus on which you can execute dynamic tricks, spins and swings. You can expect to greatly increase your upper body strength as well as working out the rest of your body by executing balance and control.

Aerial Hoop gives you a serious core and upper body workout. Supporting your bodyweight, whilst engaging your core muscles to stabilise the hoop in order to perform tricks, spins and and poses makes for an amazing strength class

It is a suspended steel hoop, much like a hula hoop. Each class will involve a Warm Up, Conditioning, Hoop Tricks, Transitions and Combos, building to a choreographed routine for each level to conquer over the period , finishing your session with a Cool Down and Stretches. The instructor will demonstrate new tricks, moving around the room to spot students. Aerial hoop does take a lot of upper body strength but complete beginners are welcome as you will learn tricks and poses step by step, building your strength up over time and developing your flexibility. Our classes are all about fun and fitness; for all ages, sizes and abilities. Aerial Hoop has many benefits: -Targets your core and upper body -Improves core stability and strength. -Improves balance. -Increases flexibility. -Improves joint mobility. -Increased upper body strength. Anyone can do it: Although it does take time and training, classes can be tailored to fit the needs and physical ability of the individual.

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